NCCPEP Membership is Now Available: JOIN US!!

By Rodrick Lucero

The National Center for Clinical Practice in Educator Preparation (NCCPEP) is now offering memberships to PK-24 professional educators working to develop and advance clinical practice as a foundation for effective educator preparation.

Clinical Partnership is at the Center of Our Work

Effective and mutually beneficial partnerships are the heart of clinical practice. The Center is focused on supporting EPPs and their PK-12 partners as they seek to define and develop partnerships that will serve as a strong foundation for clinical practice implementation and ensure the type of collaborative relationships and processes needed to implement high-quality educator preparation. This type of intentional collaboration bridges theory and practice in the formation of dynamic partnerships that will benefit all members of the educational community and best prepare teacher and leader candidates to enter their new roles, confident and profession-ready.

Become a Part of Our Vision

As stated in our introductory blog, The Center offers “…an opportunity to place educators squarely in the center of innovative practices that improve instruction.” During the first meeting of NCCPEP Directors in June 2019, initial conversations that informed NCCPEP’s vision, mission, and goals centered on achieving that by focusing around developing opportunities that will foster networks and relationships across the profession and ensuring that what we do reflects the needs and aspirations of the field while elevating the voice of professional educators in their quest to advance their own clinical practice programs.

Together, NCCPEP members and partners will comprise a network of dedicated professionals committed to advocating for educational excellence by strengthening educator preparation through clinical practice. To that end, through our membership structure, the Center is poised to bring our voices together through one continuum of services that includes coaching support, professional learning opportunities, and learning collaboratives focused to support the aspirations of clinical partnerships, as well as those of individual university-based and school-based educators, teacher and leader candidates, and allied education organizations. Therefore, by becoming a member of NCCPEP you will be a vital part of a professional network that can support and assist you and your clinical practice colleagues in pursuing your goals to provide high-quality educator preparation experiences to your candidates for the benefit of every child.

Join us--Become a Member!

On behalf of The Center’s Council of Directors, we invite you to join us! To achieve the Center’s mission, vision and goals, our work must include the active engagement of all clinical practice stakeholders at both the EPP and School District level. We invite mature clinical partnerships, newly formed clinical partnerships, and those interested in initiating partnerships to join as members in this work and offer a variety of options for membership, including institutional and consortium membership plans. We are also excited to offer individual and student memberships as another avenue to engage in the mutual support and networking opportunities the Center has to offer!

Click here to learn about the array of available membership options.

How do you join?

1. Visit

2. Click on the membership tab, and

3. Choose the level of membership that works best for you.

You can sign up and pay directly from the membership tab--it’s that easy!!

We look forward to working with each of you to establish clinical practice as the preeminent model for the effective preparation of high-quality educators. We are excited to bring the many voices in clinical practice together, so that we can realize, together, the “next, best” version of educator preparation.

For additional information about NCCPEP membership, visit the NCCPEP membership webpage or send questions to:

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