A Welcome Letter from the NCCPEP President

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Welcome to the NCCPEP Website!

“We, as educators, must empower ourselves to craft our professional narrative, one that celebrates our pedagogical expertise and positions our voices as the best advocates for our nation's children, and the teachers who will nurture them, unapologetically, and boldly.” -- Rod Lucero, President, CEO and Founding Partner, NCCPEP

The National Center for Clinical Practice in Educator Preparation has officially launched. We are excited to bring guidance, resources, and implementation support to the educator preparation community through clinical practice.

The Center is founded on the focused principle that higher education and PK-12 schools are inextricably integrated partners in the pursuit of high-quality education. Simply stated, clinical practice asks that teacher preparation courses be conducted at a PK-12 school site, in explicit partnership between university faculty and PK-12 teachers/administrators, bridging theory and practice in a dynamic partnership that benefits all members of the educational community.

The preparation of high quality, diverse teachers for our nation’s classrooms is central to this collaborative enterprise. To that end, The Center will:

  • Work with School District/University partnerships to advance the development and growth of clinically-based programs, to offer access to a network of dedicated clinical practitioners, to amplify the good work being done, and to elevate this work through iterative cycles of continuous improvement.

  • Draw from the broad research that has been conducted to-date and will also engage in its own research around effective preparation, and how clinical practice becomes the lever for high-quality.

  • Recognize partnerships already doing great work, and share their work, as exemplars of high-quality clinical practice.

  • Support research being done in schools, hold workshops, look at credentialing possibilities, and provide coaching for nascent sites, or sites that seek revitalization.

  • Work in collaboration and join other national/state organizations who advocate for the implementation of clinical practice as well as increasing support within educational policy.

The Center’s philosophy is inclusive and engages all stakeholders, through effective communication strategies that are provided in “real time”. In addition, the NCCPEP Council of Directors are assigned as liaisons for each constituent group to facilitate effective communication and provide immediate support with answers to problems of practice that may be experienced within their local context.

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to place educators squarely in the center of innovative practices that improve instruction. The voice of well-trained professionals will be heard in renewal efforts, innovative practices, and the continuous improvement of learning environments for PK-12 students, teacher candidates, veteran teachers (the pedagogical experts) and, university professors/instructors (who provide the foundations of research and theory). The Center will strive to bring PK-12 and higher education together as one profession and one continuum of services that is developmental and meets the needs of every learner.

We invite you to visit our website often, as we will be adding new exciting information weekly! We anticipate answers to many of your questions, such as:

  • How does our clinical practice partnership become a member of NCCPEP?

  • Can I be an individual member?

  • Can I become a member if I’m a teacher candidate/ graduate student?

  • Will “The Center” provide Professional Development?

  • How do I get weekly updates from The Center?

  • How do I sign up for a regional workshop?


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Join us on this adventure, and help us create a Center that WORKS FOR YOU and for EVERY STUDENT who learns in our classrooms!

As professional educators, we are the experts who can get this done!!

Best to each of you!!

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