Join Us

1. the first national organization focused exclusively on clinical practice in teacher preparation

3. a national network of scholars, practitioners, researchers, and experts to advance and support clinical practice within EPP/PK-12 partnerships as we seek REAL solutions informed by research to our problems of practice

5. we leverage research, experience, and commitment by adding our voices to an increasingly stronger national narrative advocating for excellence in every PK-12 school and every Educator Preparation Program (EPP) based in clinical practice

2. the first national organization focused on EPP/PK-12 partnership, collaboration, and the implementation of clinical practice

4. partners in an innovative space dedicated to renew practice for all educators, including teacher educators, teacher candidates, and PK-12 students by full engagement in clinical practice protocols

6. one professional network, providing a continuum of educational services informed, practiced, evaluated, and celebrated by professional educators in clinical practice for the benefit of every child

Clinical Partner Membership Options

Institutional membership: This option is available to EPP faculty & staff and their PK-12 district/school partner(s). These partnerships may already exist, be in development, or be aspirational. Member benefits are available to all individuals that belonging to an EPP-PK-12 partnership team based upon the institutional membership level selected.

Consortium Membership: This option is best for an EPP seeking a membership that would include several different district partners. By joining at the Gold or Silver level, EPPs can add an unlimited number of PK-12 school district partners to their partnership for only $500 per school district. 


Member Benefits

  • Member benefits vary by level as described above.

  • As NCCPEP continues to expand its support and member services during and beyond its inaugural year (2019-20), some member benefits, noted with an asterisk*, are in development and may not be immediately available at the start of membership during our inaugural year. Member benefits will expand as NCCPEP and its member network grows and will be guided and shaped with input from inaugural members.

  • Some direct support member services, when tailored to the specific needs of a program and/or partnership may involve additional costs (i.e. costs associated with site visits, program-specific coaching, tenure & promotion consultation).

  • A discounted members-only rate will be offered for a variety of professional learning events, workshops, and collaboratively-designed support services.

Additional Benefits Available with Gold and Silver Memberships

  • Gold Partnership plans include a 15% discount on the National Networking Conference cost.

    • Consulting services include clinical practice implementation strategies, but also includes requests made by the partnership, such as grant writing support, tenure and promotion processes, MOU development, governance structures/policies, the development of grievance protocols, cohort development, and the development of disposition rubrics.

  • Gold and Silver Partnership plans gain priority access to the aforementioned consulting services

    • Gold and Silver Partnership plans gain priority access to coaching services.


Can I join as an individual?

  • Yes, individuals are encouraged and welcome!  Please select an individual plan from the options above.

Is there a student rate?

  • Yes, we love students!  Just select the student plan from the choices above.

What if we are a university with several school district partners?

  • We have you covered, check out our consortium memberships!

How can we interact with "The Center" if we are not able to purchase a membership?

  • We offer "a la carte" services and are happy to provide cost estimates.

  • Join us on our webinars, and for our regional workshops.

  • Simply contact us and we will work it out for you!

What should I do if I have additional questions?

  • If you have any additional questions regarding NCCPEP membership, please contact us using the online form, or by email at, and we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible!